Switch from paper statements to e-statements and receive the same information for your current and savings accounts. Go paperless and enjoy the added convenience of accessing anytime and with enhanced security.

  • Security of receiving your password-protected statements to your registered email address
  • Convenience of being available to view, save and print anytime and at the frequency you prefer (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Eco-friendly alternative to messy, paper statements
  • Free, added value service


What is an e-Statement?

An e-Statement is an electronic version of your paper statement. This statement is delivered to you on your email address at the frequency you indicate in your e-Statement subscription form. You can view, save or print your statement right from your computer.

How do I register for the E-statements for my Bank Account?

You can download the form on our website and submit to your Relationship Manager.

Corporate Banking customers can also contact the Corporate Banking Customer Service Unit who can be reached on 800474 (+971-6-5987332 from outside the UAE) from 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs UAE Time- Sunday to Thursday, or via email at Click here to email .

What are the benefits of registering for e-Statements?

  • E-Statements give you the convenience to receive and view your Account statements at anytime and from anywhere. You can also save your e-Statements, and print them at your convenience.
  • E-Statements save paper, and therefore trees.
  • E-Statements ensure timely delivery of your statements so no more waiting for your mail to arrive.
  • It's secure so it will not be lost or stolen in the mail and is password-protected.

Is there a charge for e-Statements?

No, e-Statements are free.

How frequently will I receive my E-statement?

Corporate Banking customers will receive e-Statements daily, weekly, or monthly, based on preference.

Is my e-Statement secure?

Yes. Your e-Statement is delivered to the email address(es) you specify and since only you have access to your email accounts it is secure. As added protection, your e-Statement is password protected, details of which will be provided in the email containing the statement. If you require assistance, please call our Corporate Banking Customer Service Unit on 800474.

How will I get my e-Statement?

Your e-Statement will be sent in PDF format to your registered email address.

Do I need special software to view my e-Statements?

To open the encrypted e-Statements, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0.0 or above. Please note that you may not be able to open/print your e-Statement with a lower version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0.0. You can download the latest version Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website for free.

After I register for E-statement service, when will I start getting my E-statements?

Once you register for E-Statements your paper statements will be stopped from the next statement cycle and you will start receiving your e-mail statement notifications.

Will I receive E-statements for all my bank accounts with UAB?

The e-Statement Service will be applicable to ALL the account(s) that you specify on your registration form. At any time you may add or remove accounts registered for this service. However the frequency will be different depending on the type of account.

How many email addresses can I register to receive the e-Statements?

You may register up to 3 email addresses to receive your e-Statements – one primary and two secondary email id’s.

How can I change my registered email address?

You can change your e-mail address(es) by amending the e-Statement registration form and submitting to your Relationship Manager.

Is it possible to unsubscribe for the service?

Yes you may do so at any time by submitting the form to your Relationship Manager.

Up to how many month's statements will be available on UAB Online?

Initially, e-Statements will be delivered to your registered email address only. However, you will soon be able to access your archived e-Statements for your accounts through UAB Online.

Can I view e-Statement on Ipad, Android and Iphone?

Yes as long as Acrobat reader is installed on the handheld.


To register for e-statements, simply download the form and submit to your Relationship Manager.

For Corporate Banking customers, contact the Corporate Banking Customer Service Unit who can be reached on 800474 (+971-6-5987332 from outside the UAE) from 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs UAE Time- Sunday to Thursday, or via email at Click here to email .