Trade Finance Services


UAB has a centralized Trade Finance centre at its Head Office in Sharjah staffed by Trade Finance Specialists to offer you suitable trade finance solutions to meet your diverse import needs. We have an efficient and large net-work of correspondent banks at key business centers of the world to facilitate your foreign trade needs.

Our customers' imports requirements can be met with the following import products, which have been made available at UAB.

  • Sight Letters Of Credit.
  • Deferred Payment letters of credit.
  • Back to Back letters of credit.
  • Standby letters of credit.
  • Revolving letters of credit.
  • Red clause letters of credit.
  • Evergreen letters of credit.
  • Inward documentary collections.

While the LC post financing needs may be met with the following cash products on offer, suiting to customers' business model.

  • Trust Receipt Loans.
  • Term loans against imported merchandise.

Alternatively our customers may choose to settle import documents through other short term cash facilities depending upon their cash cycle, such as overdraft and bills discounting etc.


Our Trade Finance Specialists are always available to assist you in advising you most suitable trade finance solutions to meet your export needs. We offer the following export letter of credit services at competitive rates.

  • ELC Advising
  • ELC Confirmation
  • Document Preparation Guidance/Assistance
  • ELC Negotiation
  • Document Handling and Proceed Collection
  • Export Bill Discounting
  • Bankers Acceptance Discounting
  • ELC Transfer
  • Assignment of Proceeds Under ELCs

UAB offers a full range of guarantees as listed below to its corporate customers to support them in meeting their contractual needs:

  • Bid Bond.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Advance Payment Bond.
  • Retention Bond.
  • Maintenance Bond.
  • Labor guarantee.
  • Custom Duty Payment Guarantee.
  • Supply guarantee.
  • Financial / Payment guarantee.

Trade Finance Advisory

UAB also offers trade finance training and advisory services to its corporate customers’ and their staff to enhance their understanding of Trade Finance and also to improve their skills in handling Trade finance transactions, queries, and export documentations.

Cash Management

You may trust UAB for assisting you in effective cash management as we offer the following cash management services to meet your needs.

Account Sweeps

UAB also offers account sweep facility to its select corporate customers assisting them to efficiently manage their cash. The sweep may be triggered to maintain specified balance amount in the accounts or it may also be activated to auto-sweep a specified amount at a specific periodicity between UAB accounts.

Door to Door Banking

UAB understands your difficulties of daily commuting to do banking transactions and sometimes the traffic jams take away your quality time. Hence, we are contemplating to offer door to door banking service allowing you to use your time or the time of your staff for other productive business purposes. Under the package of this service, the agents of an external security company duly contracted and authorized / introduced by our bank would render the cash & cheques collection / delivery service at competitive costs at your door steps. The service will include bulk cash collection and delivery and the service will be subject to specific terms & conditions and for further details you may inquire from the nearest branch of UAB.

Payroll Services

UAB offers payroll services to its select corporate customers at competitive rates (subject to certain terms & conditions) and the service is available for manual and as well as electronic salary payments to your staff accounts with UAB or other banks. We are also in the process of finalizing arrangements for issuance of Payroll Cards for your low paid employees who are not eligible to hold accounts with bank.


And subsequent to implementation of regulations by Ministry of Labour (MOL) related to Wage Protection System (WPS), we have also arranged the latest and appropriate IT solution for online processing of payrolls so as to facilitate our corporate customers for expeditious payment of their staff salaries and to comply with the MOL regulations.


If you are interested to subscribe for online UAB Payrolls Processing service under WPS, please click to retrieve the APPLICATION FORM and fill and sign its hard copy which may be submitted to nearest branch of our bank. And soon after approval of your application our bank will advise necessary USER ID and PASSWORD to your authorized officials for electronic processing. Should you desire any further information / clarification, please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager at Corporate Banking Group.