About Islamic Banking

Recognizing and respecting the desires of a growing number of our valued clients to conduct their banking and financial transactions in accordance with Shari'ah principles, UAB has opted to offer Islamic Banking proposition to meet their growing demands and requirements. Focusing on client needs and building long-lasting relationships with our customers will continue to be the drivers of UAB's future growth and success. Our new Shari'ah compliant products and services will cater to the needs of a wide segment of our clientele.

UAB offers a boutique of Islamic products and services to our Retail and Corporate clients which includes Current Accounts, Saving Accounts, Investment Fix Deposits, Trade Finances, Bill discounting, Personal Finance, Credit Card, Salary Advance facility and many other distinguished Retail and Corporate Islamic offerings.

The Islamic Banking Department of UAB located in the Head office in Sharjah and its managed by a team of professionals who have tremendous experience in understanding client needs and providing innovative Shari'ah compliant financial solutions.

All UAB products are approved by a Shari'ah Supervisory Board consisting of prominent Islamic Scholars with a strong background in Islamic Law and Economics. The Board is actually responsible for reviewing, approving, and overseeing all Shari'ah product offerings, while ensuring, certifying, and endorsing strict adherence to the principles of Shari'ah in all our products and services.