United Arab Bank – Islamic Banking solicit investors funds through offering Unrestricted Investment Time Deposit based on the Mudarabah Structure (Profit/Loss Sharing) approved by the Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB). Our Investment Time Deposit gives you a wide range of investment period options (1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) to choose from. Just remember, the longer the time period and the more you invest the more rewarding your returns can be. Our automatic renewal option relieves you from the need to remember dates and contact the Bank. You can just sit back and enjoy rewarding returns. Enjoy an Investment Account by maintaining a minimum balance of AED 25,000 in your account.

Key Benefits
  • Competitive indicative profit
  • Professional investment advice
  • Different investment alternatives to suit your needs
  • Regular profit payments
  • Easy to open
  • Simple to add additional funds to the account
  • Different tenor options
You are welcome to bank with us through:
  • Online Banking Services
  • SMS Banking Service
  • Customer Services Center
All you need to do is visit any of our conveniently located UAB Islamic Banking suites stated in our different branches.



Is an Islamic contract by which the customer (Muwakil / Principal) provides the capital and authorizes the Bank (Wakkil / Agent) to act on his/her behalf and to invest the funds in Shari’ah compliant activities for returns and profits. The Muwakil / Principal and the Wakkil / Agent may agrees in advance on the expected profit amount that the investment may generate before signing the Wakala agreement.

Commodity Murabaha

Commodity Murabaha

Is a method for customer to get cash under shari’ah concepts, There are two main steps for execution of Commodity Murabaha as follow:
  • The bank will buy a commodity from the local/International market on a spot delivery and deferred payment basis. Once the bank owns the commodity, the bank will sell the same to the client.
  • After signing the buy/sell contract with the bank, The customer might choose either to sell the commodity to a third party or appoint the bank to be as client agent to sell the purchased commodity to third party to get cash.

Islamic Profit Distribution

Islamic Term Deposits

Q1 2018
Product Profit Rate
IDY1-Islamic Term Deposits - 12 Month<1.0M 1.00%
ID32-Islamic Term Deposits - 3Month<3.0M 0.69%
Islamic Saving Accounts 0.30%


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