Go Green and Save Trees!

Save the environment by registering with UAB’s secure, convenient and free eStatement service.

Effective October 1st 2018, only eStatement will be generated for your UAB current/saving accounts as part of our Go-Green initiative. Printed monthly/semi-annually account statement will be discontinued*.

Start saving trees by simply signing up with this service and receive automatically your regular monthly statement by email. You can also download your eStatement for the last 12 months from UAB Online Banking.

Why go paperless?

  • Receive eStatement faster than if delivered by postal mail
  • Reduce risk of mail fraud & identity theft
  • Reduce carbon footprint

What are the benefits of registering for eStatement?

  • Fast – No more waiting for processing and mail delivery
  • Convenient – eStatement can be printed, saved & shared electronically
  • Secure – eStatement is password protected
  • Free – No charges are levied for the eStatement facility

How do I register for eStatement?

If your email address is updated on the bank’s systems, you can sign up through any of the following channels:

  • UAB Online Banking
    • Login to UAB Online Banking
    • Go to Accounts → Register for E-Statement
    • Select the account(s) to be registered
    • Accept the Terms & Conditions governing this service
    • Submit
  • UAB Phone Banking
    • Call 800474
    • oSpeak to a phone banking representative
    • Request to be enrolled for the eStatement facility
  • Visit any UAB branch

If your email address is not updated on the bank’s systems, you can update the same through any of the following channels:

  • UAB Online Banking
    • Login to UAB Online Banking
    • Go to Settings → Update Personal Information
    • Enter your e-mail address
    • Submit
  • Visit any UAB branch

How do I access my eStatement?

Apart from receiving eStatements at your registered e-mail address, you can access your eStatement through the following channels:

  • UAB Online Banking (Available for last 12 months)
    • Login to UAB Online Banking
    • Go to Accounts → View Account Statement
    • Select “Monthly Statement”
    • Select the required month from the drop down menu
    • Click the PDF (Adobe Acrobat) icon
    • Your eStatement will open in PDF format
    • To view transactions for a specific date range:
    • Select the “Date Range” option under Accounts → View Account Statement
    • Enter the “From” & “To” date
    • Click the “Show” button
    • Transactions will display in the table below
  • UAB Phone Banking (Available for last 3 months)
    • Call 800474 or 06-5987332 (if calling outside UAE)
    • Select Account Services → Statement by Email
    • Select month for which eStatement is required
    • Your eStatement will be sent to your registered e-mail address

*In case you need a printed account statement at any point of time, you can visit any UAB branch to request the same. A service charge may be levied for this service.

For any assistance, please call 800 474 or +971 6 598 7332 (for overseas calls) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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